Nicola Tesla (1856-1943)
On January 5th 1943, Tesla called American Secretary of Defense. In a short conversation, the great scientist offered the secrets of his super weapon to the American military. The officer did not understand with whom he was talking and, probably thinking it was a prankster or a lunatic, he promised to call back later.

In his 87th year, in hotel New Yorker, on January 7th 1943, the heart of this noble scientist stopped beating. In the cathedral of Saint John the Theologian, on January 12th, two thousand people gathered, among whom a large number of inventors, Nobel-prize winners, internationally recognized figures from the field of electrical engineering, Yugoslav diplomats.

Two days earlier, the mayor of New York, Fiorello LaGuardia, held a commemorative speech broadcast live by radio New York.

?Tesla was a great humanist ?a pure scientific genius ? a poet in science? He did extraordinary, amazing, wonderful things during his life. He did it simply to serve the human kind ? and he did not ask anything for his services.

Money ? he did not care about it.

Honor ? who is the person who can honor another person.

That was his position.

Gratitude ? he did not expect it nor seek it?

A significant part of Tesla lives in his achievement, which is huge ? almost impossible to calculate ? a part of our life and a part of our civilization, our everyday life, our current effort?"

The remains of one of the greatest people living in the last century are found in the Museum of Nikola Tesla in Belgrade in an urn of an ideal spherical shape.

Today, the name of Nikola Tesla is pronounced loudly, with a lot of respect, which this man deserves. Numerous associations, student and engineer organizations keep the memory of this great man of world science. Many books have been written about him, many stories and possible and impossible theories told about him, but there is only one truth. Nikola Tesla was a great scientist, the man without whose inventions we would hardly be able to live as we do ? with a lot of comfort and freedom provided to us by electricity. Our duty is ? as a sing of gratitude ? to never let his name be forgotten.

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