Vril Society
The Connection with ancient cultures.
The bavarian Thule society weren't the only ones to believe in Atlantis, Thule or the Great White Brotherhood. In mexico there is a ancient incan libary, which details millenia of visitation by a culture they called "The Great White Brotherhood". According to this libary they were also blonde haired and blue eyed, other accounts say that sometimes they glowed. The libary also states that for a very long time in our history, the brotherhood, have been teaching south american tribes about the galaxy and spirituality. Hopi legends also state the same thing, along with mayan and aztec legends. Far north, in canada and greenland, inuit legends talk of the whitebrotherhood that used to inhabit their lands. Eygpt and Greece are both steeped in atlantean lore, you also be surpised just how much thule symbolism is in ancient cultures. Whereas the ancient cultures depict the Thule/Atlanteans as peaceful, the Thule society twisted these depictions, and causing one of the most horrifics acts of human history. However the story does not stop here. Way back in 1945, the Vril got one last message, they were returning. The date they set for this was 2004-2005.
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