Smiljan, Tesla place of Birth
Nikola Tesla was born in the family of an Orthodox priest on July 10th 1856 in Smiljan, today in the Republic of Croatia. His parents, Milutin and Georgina, had beside him a son Dane and daughters Angelina and Milka, older than Nikola, and Marica, the youngest child in the Tesla family.

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Smiljan, the place of birth of Nikola Tesla
Tesla received his name after his paternal grandfather. He began his schooling in his hometown, where he spent the most careless years of his life. After a tragic accident in which the first-born son in the Tesla family, Dane, lost his life, the family moved to Gospic where the young Tesla continued his schooling. While in school in Gospic, and later at the High Real Gymnasium in Karlovac, he was tormented by the fact that he would have to continue his family tradition and become a priest. This circumstance did not give him peace because he was genuinely interested in natural sciences. After completing the Karlovac gymnasium, on vacation, having come back to Gospic, the young Tesla became ill of cholera. At that time, this wicked illness was taking many lives.

?In a moment close to death when they thought it was my last, the father burst into my room. I still remember his pale face while he tried to cheer me up, with a faltering voice. I told him: ?Maybe I could recover if you let me study engineering.? ?You will go to the best engineering school in the world, he told me solemnly, and I knew he meant it.?

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